Friday, December 5, 2014

New Experiences

 I have spent hours this week filming, and I'm really excited to start posting these. I've been doing on research on how to get partnered, because I want to be able to boost the quality of my videos and be able to access certain features. I feel like starting this out has been really rocky because it's new and I'm learning how to do new things. I actually never realized how hard it is to edit, it can take hours. Using iMovie is difficult to use because I'm not used to it. Also, it's been hard to get running because it's hard to be able to get viewers when you don't have certain features (being able to create your own thumb nails), I ended up figuring out how to get these features. This week though, I made a ginger bread house and filmed it, even though I don't know why. It ended up becoming a mess and lots of uneventful things happened. Filming is actually really fun, but it's a lot of hard work. I honestly never realized, and now I have gained more respect for people who do this for a living.  It's honestly really exciting to be inspired to make videos, even though it's really difficult to make time to sit down and record, even though I really enjoy doing it. Also, not that anyone cares, I'm not used to filming around other people and it makes me really uncomfortable. I think everyone is like that during the beginning of a new project. Anyways, I'm starting to think of new video ideas and am planning on filming a bunch. I have a book review and a Christmas gift guide planned, and I'm really excited because I love reading and I also love being able to buy people gifts and see the joy on their face. The book I recently finished (which I'm planning on making a review on) is Girl Online by Zoe Sugg. If you are unfamiliar, Zoe is a youtuber who has over 6 million subscribers on her channel Zoella. She recently has been doing so well on other projects, she now has her own beauty line out and now she has book out. I wasn't expecting this book to be great because I mean what can you really expect, but I will talk about that when I post the review, so look out for that. I will be hopefully posting this weekend, I'm not sure what I'll edit first, but I'll be posting something. I'm working on editing this video, and it will be up this week, and i'll put a few more up because i've been having a difficult time with everything. I'm really excited for everything that may be coming in the future and i'm excited to express my ideas.