Sunday, January 25, 2015

Post 6

Thing I have learned this week- all I want to do is nap. This week has been so tough because of finals. I planned on getting something up, but I was so busy studying, and this weekend I started to take a break. This week, i'm planning to film and hopefully be able to edit a video. Even though i've been doing this for months, i'm still trying to figure out where I want do go with my channel. It's not that I haven't filmed and edited them, it's just that i'm not happy with the videos. I've been trying to figure out what videos I should film, and i've been making lists of lists. I'm going to get working at it, and figure out the right direction that I want to go in. It takes forever to film, edit, and post, and I'm planning on making lists of time to be able to do these things. I want to start being more driven about making videos, and getting into making them more. It's not that i'm not, it's just that school takes over around this time of year, but I will start to post more, I promise. I hope everyone enjoys their week, and i'll be sure to post a few videos, very soon!

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